Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome to Mallu Bookworms!!


Mallu Bookworms is a bookclub for Mallu bloggers who love reading and sharing and discussing books. The members of this club are supposed to be Mallus or individuals who are very closely related with Kerala in some way. A member may not necessarily be a resident of Kerala.

This place is all about not being selfish with your books and sharing them mutually with others. Remember, sharing books is cheaper than buying new ones. Afterall, how often does one read a book a second time after having done reading it once. Most of our books rest on our bookshelves throughout our entire lifetimes gathering dust. It is better to give some of them to others who haven't read them and take from them some that you haven't read yet.

How to join


How to share books




Anyone is welcome to join Mallu Bookworms, provided he/she:

1. is a Mallu or someone who is closely related with Kerala in some way.
2. loves books and reading.
3. owns a blog.

If you meet the above conditions and are interested in joining Mallu Bookworms, please contact the administrator via email: mallubookworms at gmail dot com, who can send you an invite accepting which you become a member of the club.


Once you are a member, you can:

1. share your books with other members who may share theirs with you.
2. post your reviews and feelings about the books you read or ideas and opinions about books and reading in general, or anything that will be of interest to other members of the club.


1. If you like to share any of the books you have with other members, please make an entry of the title in this blog by posting a short description of the book (say, the description given at the backcover of the book) and use the title of the book as the title of the post. It is advisable to include a picture of the front cover of the book in the post. The title in the book-list will be linked to the post. Don't forget to inform the administrator about the entry so that the database can be updated.

2. Anyone can browse the list of books provided and if interested in a title, he/she can request the member who currently holds the book, whereafter one of the following may occur:

a) the holder of the book may decline the request with or without providing a reason whatsoever.

b) the holder of the book may agree to give the book to the person who requested for it without any obligation on the part of the latter.

c) the holder of the book may agree to lend the book to the person who requested for it on the condition that it should be returned after reading.

d) the holder of the book may agree to swap the book with the person who requested for it for another book.

e) any variation of the above (or sometimes even something not mentioned above) may happen according to the mutual agreement between the sender and the receiver.

3. Provided the giver has not given the book on the condition that it should be returned, it becomes the property of the receiver and it is up to him/her to decide whether it is to be further shared with others or not, even though the Club loves to see it shared always. In case the person is not willing to share further, it should be made known to the administrator so that it could be removed from the database. In any case, immediately after a person receives a book, an acknowledging comment is to be made with the respective post on this blog.

4. The means to transfer the book between the giver and the receiver will be as agreed between them.


Both English and Malayalam books can be posted here. Also, to write posts and comments, either of the two languages can be used.
(If anyone is there to volunteer for books of any other language, you are most welcome.)


For any queries or suggestions, please contact the administrator by email: mallubookworms at gmail dot com.


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